Thursday, March 1, 2007

How to make more money from made for adsense (MFA) websites?

I believe most of us are aware of content based advertisement. So called Google adsense/ad words, Yahoo’s similar program, click banks and etc. Some of you may not be aware of it. First let us have a brief introduction on this subject.

This adsense program is designed to deliver content based advertisement to third party websites. The third party website owner/web master has to signup with Google or yahoo or any other advertisement program. The advertisement provider (Google or yahoo) will give the JavaScript code which the website owner or web master will be putting on their websites. Advertisements can be blended into different formats varies sky rapper to text links. Advertisements will be dynamically delivered to the along with the third party website content.

The revenue is calculated based on the no of advertisement delivered (no of impression) and the no of advertisement got clicked (no of clicks) from the third part website is paid by the advertisement provider. The no of impression is called CPI (Cost Per Impression) and no of clicks is called CPC (Cost Per Click). The ratio between the CPI/CPR is called (Click through rate) CTR. The amount which can be made by this program is depends upon the traffic. Some websites even make 100, 000$ a day and some may make few cents a day.

The advertisement providers are getting the money from the advertiser and they share some portion of their income to the third websites. How much they are charging and how much is being paid to the third party is kept confidential.

What is happening in the market now? There are many websites made to cater this kind of advertisement program and generate income. Websites are in this category are called MFA or “made for adsense/advertisement”. I think at the time of writing this article it may be around five to ten million. There are lots of websites are under construction and about to the see the world.

There are many ways to booze the income of MFA websites(made for adsense website).

First step to increase traffic.
1. List in the limited search engines. Submit your URL to top ten search engines in the industry. Some search engines like Google and Yahoo may take few months to list your website. Be cool and continue your other work.
2. List to directories. Put it under proper section.
3. Utilize the SEO technology and modify your content and your websites to be friendlier to the search engines. That is called SEO. The chances of improving page rank for the particular keyword is brighter after SEO refactor.
4. Provide more content and relevant services.
5. Don’t put too much ad in a particular page. It makes the viewer to close the window without clicking on the next link? If you put less ad and more content in proper way he click many pages and intern it will increase your site traffic.
6. Don’t try to frustrate the viewer because once he got frustrated he will not come to your site again even if it is listed at the top place of a Google search.
7. Spare some of the income from your site revenue or invest every month some amount to advertise. It will bring regular viewers to your site.

8. Provide something free which your competitor sells it for some amount. You can give free digital book, video contents etc. This strategy works very well in the beginning.

The next step is to add some additional features which suits your site are
1. Conduct online poll which makes the viewer more interested.
2. Discussion forum. Add a discussion forum feature to your website. And let users discuss. There are many freely available discussion forums software. Just download and add your website. Many hosting companies offer this as another feature.
3. Have a news section and really you no need to give any content for this. You can subscribe to RSS feeds available in the web. Make it related your website content.
4. Article section is very useful and it provides fresh content your website. You can post a article a day, week or in a month. Hire somebody and ask them to write bulk of articles and you can post one by one.

There are lot of things to improve your made for adsense website. I will post in my next article.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How to market website or How to market a blog - Make to webite popular

Here some simple and easy ways to make your website popular or blog popular.

Have matching domain name.
Domain must be matching to the contents. For example if your website shows the contents of natural healing domain name may be

Submit the site URL to most popular search engines.
URL must have to be submitted to popular search engines. It can be done by yourself or through some private services.

After submitting URL, your site will be listed within the period of two weeks to three months time. Every search engines crawler takes it is own time to crawl the pages. The most popular search engines are
Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Submit the site link to most popular web directories.

Advertise in websites through pay per click or pay per impression

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Make money online for free and easy way

Easy and simple steps to make money online in the internet from anywhere in the world Here is the simple and easy steps to make money online in the internet from anywhere in the world. If you are living in Asia or Africa, it doesn't matter. As long as you can write something in english you can make very easily money on the internet.

1. Signup for affiliate and marketting programs
There are nemourous affiliate and marketting programs in the internet. Some of them are free and others may charge some amount at the time of joining. These company sell some products on the internet, thay may do online services like ad typing, online teaching etc. Just a do serach in the internet and do some homework, select a few of them and join into them and give a try. Keep giving trying it, never give up in the middle. You may success at the begining , everything takes some time and you must be very patience and keep hard working.

2. Start your own blog and sign up into google adsense
This is another simple and easy ways to make money online with zero dollar investment. Thare are many blogging websites available on the internet and it is free to use. Here is the famous one

3. Launch your own website which contans niche contenets.
Buy a domain and launch your own web site which contains niche contents and start publishing ads and ofcourse google adsense ads. It is not going to cost you more than 20 dollars for domain name and hosting

4. Start a self growing websites
Start a self growing websites something like web directory, search engine, forums site, blog site etc. And you can post lot of advertise ment.